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iPhone Sapphire LTE/Satellite hybrid
IPhone Sapphire with Skystorm™️--- ---@Apple, it’s getting built one way or another. Let’s do this. ? ---Summary: I wanted to design a phone. My favorite phone is the iPhone. (BlackBerry was my favorite before that). ---My parents used to take my siblings and me to Palm Springs and one of the places we visited was an art gallery. My mom's favorite was glass art, so it rubbed off on me. This design is to honor them. ---Telecom specs: LTE/Satellite hybrid. Never lose connectivity anywhere in the world and bonding the two transmission methods for the fastest network speed. This is known as Skystorm™️ technology. ---Design spec: Solid blue glass body. Bright OLED on-chip, the only visible component. ---Sustainability/ecology spec: The most environmentally sensitive phone built. To recycle, break glass (using a controlled method), extract electronic components, melt glass, make more phones, save the whales, profit.
BizCraft AI
Online retailers and e-commerce stores like Amazon and eBay use AI to predict which products customers might be interested in purchasing. This technology is now made affordable to small and medium businesses.
Los Angeles IT Services
Technical Arts (Formerly MDS IT Services)
Bia Supercar / Hypercar Concept
Behold the Bia, MDS’s latest hypercar/super at concept. In Greek mythology, Βία was the personification of force, anger and raw energy.
Vitruvian Robot Final
Vitruvian robot final version.
Vitruvian Robot Sketch
Our modern interpretation of Leonardo Da Vincis’s Vitruvian man.
Musician Website Concept
Concept art for a musician’s website.
Tech company website
Website for Los Angeles tech company.