Every software development team must communicate and collaborate with other people to determine what users need, what the organization needs, and how best to address those needs in the software they’re creating. A huge number of development tools are available today for planning, designing, building, and implementing software. Unfortunately, this amazing variety of options can lead to a team using a hodgepodge of tools and systems that don’t really work well together, wasting valuable development time.

That’s where DevOps as a Service (DaaS) comes in.

DaaS gives the development team a set of collaborative tools designed to cooperate, so your team can focus on developing the target software, rather than on trying to force disparate tools into a coherent system.

As your DaaS provider, MDS IT Services collects the tools that your team is using and connects those tools into a cohesive unit. The goal of DevOps as a Service is ensuring that your organization reaches the target—software that achieves the goals of your organization. Using widely accepted development methods and principles, we help your development team to be more productive, identify and track issues, and identify and solve problems in production. You save time and money.

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