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With more and more online businesses using a cloud-based solution, you’re likely lagging behind your competitors if you haven’t followed suit. Cloud architecture provides an internet platform that supports greater resource utilization and decreased cost of operation, and higher efficiency. Businesses and applications running on AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure have improved responsiveness, productivity, and dynamic marketing conditions. Hence, don’t be surprised if your competition starts gaining an edge over you by running their businesses on the cloud.

However, you can quickly catch the competition and modernize by working with a cloud consulting firm. As a Cloud Computing Consulting provider in Los Angeles, we know how to transform any business IT environment into its sleekest, most streamlined version. Through our highly experienced team, we offer cloud strategy consulting services to our clients. Besides finding the most suitable cloud service provider for you, we design a cost-effective, secure, and reliable computing environment that will continue to grow with your business.

Our cloud consulting firm offers on-demand delivery of computing tools and applications, including servers, databases, networking, software, and apps. Our clients can also benefit significantly from various cloud capabilities, ranging from full-scale infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) or Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) to single application Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

Whether you would like to host on AWS’s Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure, our cloud computing consulting company will execute a flawless integration process.

Top Business Processes That You Can Run on Cloud

Depending on your industry and preferences, a cloud consulting brand can help move any or all of the following business processes:

1. Application development – Our team of professionals develops, customizes, and migrates applications to Azure, Google Cloud, or AWS. We are ensuring that your online business platform will experience high-speed performance and responsiveness.

2. Maintenance and security processes – Would you like continuous tracking of your operations and an ongoing assessment of risks? Our cloud consulting brand helps maintain your IT infrastructure’s performance and security standards, supporting reliable data protection and performance optimization.

3. Management processes – Let us help optimize your business operations to reduce costs and save time. Our team can also assist in implementing a governance plan for cloud infrastructure for your business.

4. Protect sensitive information – Give your confidential data extra protection by moving them to the cloud.

5. Real-time reporting and analytics – By working with us, we help host your IT system on AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure to experience flawless, up-to-date reporting and notifications.

6. File storage and sharing – Google Cloud, Azure, and AWS are perfect digital landscapes to protect your professional and business information. Your employees will also be able to share data and documents effortlessly through cloud access.

Optimizing Your Business with Cloud: What are the Advantages?

Core benefits of using Azure, Google Cloud, or AWS:

1. Cost Optimization – Cloud implementation requires specialized planning and integration by a professional cloud consulting firm to ensure proper cost optimization and transparency. Our team of experts will identify possible cost visibility approaches and containment by considering factors such as increased elasticity, leveraged price model, optimized storage, right-sizing, and monitoring.

2. Well-managed Services – When your business processes are cloud-empowered, you will experience reduced overhead and enhanced agility. With our cloud computing consulting services, you get an expertly managed service tailored to your business needs.

3. Principled DevOps – Implementing cloud-based development and operation principles across your whole delivery process promotes improved deployment frequency, team productivity, and architecture quality.

4. Cloud-Native Development – By working with our cloud computing consulting company, we help refactor your applications or develop them from scratch with cloud-native solutions. Make your business application scalable and fast with low maintenance.

5. Structured Framework and Reviews – Partnering with our cloud strategy consulting team provides your cloud-based business with an analytical approach supporting best practices for a secure, efficient, and reliable application. Let’s evaluate your IT architecture and implement designs that will scale your enterprise using our well-structured framework.

Elements of a Suitable Cloud Provider for Your Business

A suitable cloud provider for your business needs to meet the following standards:

1. Security – Before picking a cloud provider, ensure that the security values of the brand match your security goals. In this regard, our professional cloud consulting company assists in finding the most suitable option for your business.

2. Compliance – Another critical element of recognizing the right cloud-based solution for your business is whether it can meet the compliance standard in your particular industry. Learn about the best provider in compliance by getting in touch with our cloud consulting firm’s expert.

3. Manageability – Our team of professionals will work with you or your IT team to discuss the parameters of your ideal cloud provider. You’ll also have the chance to determine whether you can meet the demands of managing your new environment in the short and long term.

4. Support – Choosing a cloud provider that offers reliable support should be non-negotiable. Our clients receive a cloud-based solution accompanied by regular support. In this way, they never get stuck in their moments of need.

5. Architecture – By utilizing MDS IT Services, we’ll help you find the best cloud architecture for your business and show you how to integrate cloud-based solutions into your workflow effortlessly.

6. Cost – Most CEOs and business owners choose to move their business processes into cloud computing to reduce costs. Thus, selecting a cloud provider that will suck you dry financially is counterproductive. You don’t have to worry; our cloud consulting company ensures that every client gets the most cost-effective cloud-based solution.

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