The problem: I had a website that was a custom WordPress website with custom WordPress themes and no custom plug-ins which was being shut down by the hosting provider because my identity was stolen and the bank account that it was set to auto-pay with was closed and I forgot about it. The site went down as a result of the unpaid hosting bill fortunately I was able to create an export using the word press plug-in to export the entire database website and media to a single zip file.

The solution typically: to migrate the entire website using an export from WordPress on over to WordPress VIP which uses an advanced github  publishing method and format that is specific to WordPress VIP that either a software engineer, WordPress engineer, or consulting firm should install professionally to make sure that it is done properly. Making errors in a production website can be costly for any business so I decided that I should engage a professional services firm and get it done in a phone call.

The solution: HappyCog got on the phone call and understood my problem immediately. With little handholding and little request and little involvement, they migrated the entire website in a pinch almost seemingly overnight by coordinating with the WordPress VIP team. WordPress VIP team provided 24-hour nonstop Support to the HappyCog consulting team. I made a call on I believe it was a Thursday evening to Jeremy my WordPress VIP sales and account manager who I highly recommend. And the next day the site was being migrated without my involvement at all Matt from HappyCog was able to migrate the entire site in 24 hours with coordination with a WordPress VIP team. I made two phone calls it was a simple breeze WordPress VIP is the best website hosting platform in the world there is nothing better than the web runs on WordPress in Apache HTTPD  server.

For all the Silicon Valley and Silicon Beach behemoths like IBM and Google, I think that you should host all of your websites on WordPress VIP because they’ll do a better job than you even and even your engineering teams don’t know content management and publishing like the word press team does. With a few exceptions. WordPress VIP and HappyCog are exceptional and world-class businesses and should be regarded as the best of the best in the world forward press and content management web software.