Producer: Matthew D Sacks

Company: Technical Arts and Engineering Inc. 

Copyright 2021. All rights reserved. 

Document Type: Declassified Trade Secret Guide

Subject Matter: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Executive Summary: This guide constitutes trade secrets employed by Matthew Sacks, CEO of Technical Arts and Engineering Inc. and tested on real brick and mortar businesses with an average annual revenue of $500,000 a year in sales. The secrets presented herein are proprietary in nature when implemented as an engineering process and can attain almost immediate results in gathering and capturing market share of keywords in organic search results (SEO) or Paid Per Click Advertising (SEM) as well as social media marketing (SMM) techniques that can yield great results. Insights herein are intended to edify the reader and hopefully avoid costly mistakes in the expensive world of digital marketing and advertising.

UpfrontNugget(™) UpfrontNuggets are bits of information designed to present the reader with instantly valuable information such that they can employ a technique and see almost immediate results. 

UpFrontNugget: When creating Google PPC Ads, create at least 3 variations of each ad, and create an ad for all ad types and every available variation in it’s own ad group; such that you test every available ad type all at once in the first week to gauge which ad sets and ad types (SMART Ad, Local ad, or search ad mainly) is going to work the best and yield the most sales results. 

SEO: Search engine optimization, or the art of getting listed for results for organic keywords and getting clicks to your website without having to pay per click (PPC/SEM) than this is the best way to do it and a long term play for getting sales results.

  1. Backlinks are King, Create them, or buy them from (say Matthew sent you for a discount). 
  2. Directories are key to local results
  3. You want to employ a service to validate and ensure your Siri, Alexa, and Google Voice services can retrieve and list your business in services like Siri. I once even saw a competitor poach his competition’s business by changing the Siri local listing to his business.
  4. Local backlinks are different from regular search backlinks, know the difference and why. It won’t be explained here.
  5. Always write high quality content, it’s better to have a professional writer and editor write your copy with SEO Keywords in mind in the first place, than it is to have to rewrite yoru article or blog post 5 times to correct all the errors and get your point across while being attractive to search engine bot crawlers and indexes. 


PPC is all about trying all of the available configurations for yoru ads and burning a ton of ad spend in the beginning to save yourself time and money later in correcting bad and non performing ads. Just take the extra budget up front the first week, burn it, and figure out what is going to work for your business straight off the bat before you back it up with your entire monthly ad budget.


Get an account (you can say Matthew sent you for a discount) and start paying influencers to start promoting your brand, website, or app. Social media advertising and marketing accounts now for half the picture along with search engine marketing and search engine optimization; so you need to have an effective social media marketing strategy to work in parallel and boost your more standard digital marketing efforts. is the best way to effective ramp up the best influencers fast for your brand or company fastest and has the fairest market rates per post for each influencer. Influencer marketing is costly, so beware your total marketing budget does not get consumed by social media. Even if it is a majority of your SMM budget, make sure to allocate enough influencer spend for new influencers who may be “hot” and have a strong following that  you want to jump on and add some firepower to your existing campaign.