Given the plethora of cloud computing consulting services in Los Angeles, choosing a reputable and reliable brand that can help empower your business through the cloud can be tricky. Furthermore, not every firm offers the same level of service and expertise. Here are a few questions that may help you to identify the best cloud consulting firm for your business:

1. How can cloud infrastructure help my business?

Whether it’s using Google Cloud, AWS, or Azure, your business should be able to utilize the cloud for primary functions such as file storage/sharing, document backup, collaboration tools, running your purchased and custom apps, and email security.

2. I have met some individuals who are excited about Google Cloud, AWS, or Azure. Why?

Given that cloud-based solutions can bring out new business models, reduce costs, and increase business scalability, it is unsurprising to see business owners getting excited when their enterprises are thriving as a result of using the cloud.

3. How much does it cost to use Google Cloud, Azure, or AWS for my business?

The price for cloud computing varies depending on the service and the vendor.
Pricing of each service is listed on each cloud providers page. Generally it’s more cat effective to employ the cloud than buy your own hardware, rent datacenter space, and staff to manage it.

4. Where will all my business information be stored?

All of your information and data will be kept in the data center of your chosen vendor.

5. Are you sure that cloud computing is necessary for my business?

If you need to control your data or develop a custom-made application, cloud computing is ideal for your business. Very few companies have a need to maintain their own infrastructure now.

6. Can cloud computing help recover my data if it’s lost?

Provided you have a good backup strategy and you regularly test your backups you can recover lost data quickly.

7. How can I identify a good consulting firm?

Before choosing a cloud consulting firm, research its reputation, business focus, price, data protection practices, and service level agreement.

8. Is cloud computing safe?

In general, cloud infrastructure is secure. However, its vulnerability also depends on application design, secure cding practices, and security testing / hardening.